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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last American Cowboy

Don't ask how I find these shows.

I read a lot.

Not just books but web articles.

And somewhere in a web article, I read about this show "Last American Cowboy". When i read something positive about a show, I just go right to the web and through UVerse, add it to my DVR queue.

Last American Cowboy is a very somber and amazing reality show. It's not a reality show like Survivor, but more like a documentary.

The show follows three Montana cattle farms and the way the owners make their lifestyle work. One family is young, a husband-father, who is the son of the man who owns the farm, trying to take care of the farm *on his own* with two young children to be a father for.

On the other side, there is one family where the owner can follow it by his own *helicopter*. You would think ths man would be an asshole, having enough money to own his own fricking helicopter, yet this is the man who brings "interns" to work on his farm...and came up with a quote that I will never forget, and becomes part of my own philosophy:
You can be tough, but you don't have to be mean.

The third family suffers from a tragic accident, that leaves the son of the cattle owner in critical condition...and they follow the challenge that family goes through to get through their work and their days.

It is a great show for people in my field to see: that there are people who work much harder than us office folk, with more at risk, and expect pay once, maybe twice a year.

Amazingly, as Tim and I watch this together...the more I see the difference in our outlooks. I see the young cattle rancher's wife as "what the fuck did I get in to?" where Tim sees this as "wow. if i were younger, I would do this".

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