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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kids Text the Darnest Things...

My little MiMi loves to text me while I am at work. Sometimes she'll call but I have told them before that I am in meetings a lot, so text me first to find out if I am.

So Thursday, this is how my "conversation" went with MiMi (MM) in the morning:

MM: hows u goin
Me: I am fine hows it going for you?
MM: Good, watchin corline
Me: woohoo!
MM: Yeh

MM: Mommy ur about to get the special massage
Me: Wow! I feel so special!!!
MM: Yeh cj was mean but we got to see how nice dad is
Me: Hahaha
MM: R u bout go in u now what
Me: What do u mean?
MM: MEETING!¡¡ (I don't know how she gets the spanish exclamations in her text.)
Me: No i dont have anything until 2PM
MM: Kay good :)

MM: Hi girl, Hows r u?¿¿ (again with the spanish punctuation!)
Me: U r funny
MM: I want to be vegitairian
Me: Cool u almost are u dont like steak but u have to give up bacon and chicken not so hard to do for you i think
MM: I actually dont like those either
me: Wow! Well i will do my best to make sure we have a veggie alternative for u when i make dinner!! i support you!
MM: I'M A VEGGIE TARIAN!!!¡¡¡¿¿¿¿?????
Me: Cool

The above was my morning conversation. This became my afternoon conversation:

Me: On my way (home)
MM: Kay

MM: Where r u

me: In my car
MM: I mean what dr

Me: I am on edwards mill road near the laurel hills park

MM: Is that really close
Me: Yes but now i am by the mall so i am closer

And that was pretty much the end of that conversation. For the most part, this one had more substance than they usually do.

But she seems to be pretty happy about labeling herself a "veggie tarian". She proclaimed herself that several times that evening.

She even told me that she was giving up chicken McNuggets from McDonald's, which is one of her favorite meals. I said "Oh yeah. What will you get now from McDonald's? You could still get french fries." She responded quite confidently "They have veggie burgers."

So we'll see where the vegetarianism goes. It could be successful for her, since she does not tend to like much meat. I think tacos and McNuggets are the only meaty things she eats but she has never liked steak and I tend to make something else for her when we have our steak dinners.

The only caveat is that CJ *is* a meat eater and declares she has "steak senses". One of her BFFs is a vegetarian and I remember her questioning her one day, asking her "You don't miss bacon??" It's a concept she can't fathom right now. :)

I am pretty thrilled for her.


  1. I once decided I was going to give up beef. It lasted less than a week. Partially because my mom refused to change what she was cooking for me, and partially because I discovered that pepperoni contains beef. Emily H (who I don't think you've met at writing club) tries to eat less meat, but doesn't mind. Her philosophy is "If I wouldn't be able to kill it with my own hands, I shouldn't eat it." It's going pretty well for her so far.

    My dad and I frequently Google Chat while he's at work. We mostly talk about dinner, computer games, and Apple products. Basically non-work stuff that he's thinking about.

  2. No speeding - check, No driving on bike lanes - check, no zipper effect - check, texting allowed while driving - check

  3. OK, okay. I did text one thing WHILE driving but all the other things were done while stopped at a stoplight.

    The worst, of course, is the post I did on the curvey road I take to work, where I did take pictures of the road while driving...