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Monday, August 09, 2010

The Kids Are All Right

It ended up that I had our babysitter set up for this past Saturday night. I had asked her some time ago if she could be available for a night when I wanted to go to the comedy club but instead of asking for the "28th", I asked her for the 8th...which we then decided I meant the 7th, since that was a Saturday.

It was only when I was reminded by her that she would be over this past Saturday that I figured out my mistake. So Tim and I decided we would take advantage of it and have a "spontaneous" night out.

We had no real plans so the evening turned out so much better than anticipated, as we really did just do things on a whim.

First stop was, can you guess? Hayes Barton Cafe. I looked for something else, as Tim said he was willing to try something different, but I couldn't pass up an evening out our favorite place. It is still amazing and it seems that our cute waitress at the "bar" is with child. A beautiful mom-to-be, if I may say so...

Next? Movie at The Rialto. How coincidental after my rant on blockbuster movie stars.

The Rialto in Raleigh, for those not familiar with our little "township", is a locally owned theater built in 1942 that showcases foreign and independent movies. It is an amazing theater, in an area called "Five Points", which is right across the street from Hayes Barton. It's pretty cool to eat at a 40s themed restaurant, then head over to The Rialto for a movie. They serve beer and wine, so it's an even more extraordinary place to watch a great movie.

We decided to check out its showing of The Kids Are Alright. The premise, of course, was 'politically correct' matter: a lesbian couple raising two children meet their sperm donor.

I had expectations that it would be a good movie to watch...perhaps some political motivations. And I'm OK with those political motivations, FWIW. I support gay marriage, gay lifestyle and gay people (single or married) raising children. I LOVE GAY PEOPLE!

But instead of getting what I expected, I got an amazingly warm, funny and unpredictable story line. It was quite funny. And even with megastars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore, I was overwhelmed with emotion.

BTW, FWIW, I see these two megastars as more indie, and *quality*, than in the realm of Julia Roberts and her signature-overblown laugh (which is in Eat Pray Love...Pretty Woman...Ocean's 11...etc. etc. Are you watching a character or are you just watching Julia Roberts pretending to be a character?)

I have, as I did last year, been very emotional about acquaintances, or my friends kids, going off to college. They are so excited (the kids) about this new adventure in their life...much sought independence...being on their own...and I think that those parent are thinking the same, except the opposite emotion: sadness.

Of course, they could be very much excited, but for me, relating to my own children, even my own life (leaving home when I was 19), I feel so sad.

And in the movie, with all the other story lines going on, one major story line was their daughter leaving for college. The movie ends with them dropping her off and I just boo-hoo'd like crazy.

I had brought CJ's jacket with me, in case I got cold, and instead, it became the biggest hanky I ever had. And I needed every bit of it to collect the tears that shed from my eyes.

I loved this movie. So fun. So warm. So charming. I didn't much care for the amount of emotion it brought to me...mainly because that kind of emotion just hurts my soul. But if you are not as emotionally vulnerable as I am, you may not have the same effect. :)

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  1. My dad and I should watch this together. We will cry. We will enjoy it. Of course, I feel like we've cried at the end of a lot of movies we've watched together recently (Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, I cried in Up at the beginning and end but he was playing cards...)