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Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Our Anniversary

The title is based on a song by Tony Toni Tone that I heard years ago...and I think of it every year my anniversary comes around. It's so not me, in music, but I do like it. I don't know why because it isn't a great song but it does something for me.

So yesterday Tim and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Do you know what year we celebrated? Guess? Twenty-two. You heard me right: 22. Actually, twenty-two doesn't sound so bad to me...but when we celebrate "20", it sounded bad. Not bad, in like 'OMG. I can't stand him. Couldn't for 20 years.' But more like "20 fucking years, really?" where did time go? I've been with him for that long??

Anyhoo - the best part of celebrating that many years is celebrating with kids.

I got three cards from my kids: two from my natural born; the third from one of my best "other" daughters, Kierra (CJ's BFF).

I tried to scan these in but because of 'technical issues', I haven't been able here is a summarized version of my wonderful cards:
You are the greatest "other" parents I have! You've been together long, and I hope you're together for-ever! I love you guys & hope your anniversary is very special.

Happy Anniversary Mother and Father!
Hope this one is the bestest of your 22 years!
I know the last 12 years have been miserable because of me but...

And then there's MiMi's, that makes me laugh adoringly:
You are a great Mom! I hope u and Daddy never Devorse!! :) You work very hard.

Roses r red
Violets are blue
I hope u guys
have a great Afternoon!

And for your information, MiMi is in love with Joaquin Phoenix, since watching The Village and then, Signs. She told me "when you and Daddy divorce, will you marry Joaquin Phoenix?"

Yes, MiMi. I will marry Joaquin Phoenix.

The things I will do for my kids. :)

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