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Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm a Creep

I love this song, written and first sung by Radiohead.

It's on one of our Guitar Hero games and I have it on my iPod. The song and the lyrics are one of the most amazing of all time. Much like the lyric in the song "Your skin makes me cry", this song makes me 'cry', it's so haunting. I remember watching one of those VH1 specials about the best songs ever and Flea (from Red Hot Chile Peppers) talked about the first time he heard it, with that single guitar chord strummed before Thom Yorke proclaims "I'm a creep...I'm a werido..." I knew exactly what he was talking about...

And now, there is the upcoming movie The Social Network that uses this song in an amazing way:

I looked it up and the song from the movie is sung by the Swedish Vega Choir. I love their rendition just as much as Radiohead, which includes the original f-bomb :):

And I want to see the movie now, all because of the song and how they used it in their trailer.


  1. Thanks Cindy - that is an awesome song and the movie looks interesting. I wouldn't have paid it any mind if you hadn't mentioned it here.

  2. Thanks James. Your comments keep me motivated :). I slacked off the past few weeks from blogging. :) Hope you are handling the expanded family :).

    BTW, I have updated the last video, which should have been the choir version of the song, not the same movie preview.