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Thursday, August 26, 2010

First and Second Day Jitters

Wednesday was the first day of school for CJ and MiMi. As I have blogged about in the past, CJ has bad first day jitters - as I did - the night before school.

MiMi and CJ were all packed, ready to just sleep and start Wednesday morning to a great start. I made no mention of anything stressful, treating Tuesday evening (AKA First-Day-of-School eve) as any other day we've had all summer long. I knew it would, but hoped it wouldn't, be a stressful evening.

The girls promptly went to their rooms at 8:30, excited and anxious about their first days. I hear doors opening and shutting upstairs but Tim and I were planted firmly in the living room. When it was time to turn in for the night, I went up to check on CJ and in there, I saw CJ crying...and MiMi sitting at the edge of CJ's bed crying too.

MiMi cried "We can't get to sleep."

Awwww...I couldn't help but smile sympathetically at their dilemma. I told CJ to roll out the trundle, I was going to sleep in her room. MiMi would join me and I told them not to worry, it's the jitters before school, and to try and relax.

I have an assumption that MiMi wasn't really sad on her own...that she felt truly bad about CJ's turmoil and sympathized with her enough to make it an issue for her. It was genuine, mind you, but IMO, would not have happened on her own.

First day of school seemed to go off without a hitch. But the evening hours came and more tears from CJ. She hates school. I hug her and tell her to relax, I'll come stay in the room with her later. This seems to work and when I go to her room about an hour later, she's fast asleep.

Today, Thursday morning, day two of school, CJ is unusually affectionate. She gives me several hugs (she's not a hugger) and I give extra caring ones back. Then Tim takes her off to school as I wander aimlessly, enjoying my lackadaisical morning routine.

Thirty minutes after drop-off, I receive text message: CJ is not feeling well. When I get a hold of her on the phone, she is in tears. Not only will her not feeling well make her feel bad, but being at school, and missing school, adds more to her emotional distress.

I come to the rescue and get her back home, which is where we are now...watching Julie and Julia...

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