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Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't NAACP Me!


During my run this morning, I listened to KATG episode #1236 Be Nice. In this episode, they play Laura Schlessinger's "racist" rant.

I put "racist" in quotes only because the media is focused on Schlessinger's use of the "n" word. This, IMO, is nowhere close to the racist rant that this piece covers.

I don't listen to this bitch. I know a little bit about how conservative she is. I have no desire to listen to a conservative. I don't listen to Rush. I don't watch Fox. I know Glenn Beck from the clips on The Daily Show. The little that I hear/see on any of this makes me sick. Sick that any one in the fucking universe gives these people any credo. It's shocking, quite honestly. These over-dramatic, overly sensitive, conspiracy-theory fools.

I listened to the clip on the podcast, the "n" word clip.


I was blown away.

This bitch is a douche.

And completely ignorant about racism.

Which made her sound racist.

The jury is out for me on whether she is a racist, or just stupid, or even worse, so out of touch with racism that she is even more stupid.

It is shameful. What the fuck has she said in all the years that she's been doing her show?

The transcript and video are here.

I 'love' how she writes off the caller as hypersensitive, cuts her off, and makes assumptions on her and stereotypes.

Or her blatant statements of "facts" as black americans voting for Obama only because he's black. No other reason than the mere fact that he is black. Where is the data to support this? I am sure that may have been the case for someone but it had to be the support of the other races (white and asians and all the above) to actually elect him into office.

So her fucking statements are amazingly ignorant and asinine. I thank god every day that I don't feel the same way...and no, I'm not religious but you get the point.

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