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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pushing the Reset Button

So over the past few months, I have let my running regiment go. While I didn't do it on purpose, I did choose to do other things: wallyball, Leanest Loser, Enviro-Training, as well as other things.

And it was great. I met new folks, I was introduced to a new way to work myself to death, and I lost seven pounds. SEVEN POUNDS! I've been trying to lose 10 pounds for over five years and I got SEVEN in four months.

But I love running. It's what keeps me sane. What gets me to listen to music, podcasts, or my own brain. And so I am back to building up my miles this month. I have my first race in September - my one miler. I'd like to do as good, if not better, than I did last year. Might be a long shot as I was in much, much better running shape last year. But I am also leaner, slimmer and my endurance is still pretty least for now for the one miler. If anything, these other workouts have really sparked my brain into dealing with pain endurance for my brain vs. physicality has improved.

But I plan to go through the Second Empire series again, as I did last year. I was getting burned out last year but I ran races nearly the entire year, so perhaps I will be more gung-ho about it. And CJ wants to do it, so I have more incentive to help her vs. myself.

I also have a half marathon in October that I am looking forward to. Except for the magnificent mile, I am trying to curtail my competitiveness (with myself) and focus on endurance vs. speed. My heart rate tends to spike into the 200s and when I slowed down my runs (not speed workouts) earlier this year, I could keep my heart rate in the 180s. Not sure if it's such a big deal since my doctor doesn't seem to be concerned about it but 200 seems a bit high and it concerns *me*...

My speed workout on Monday surprised me though. I picked up my program from the first weeks with Coach B and, after having a slow three mile run last Saturday, I did not expect anything amazing from myself on Monday. I had a mile warm-up then a two mile tempo at sub 10 mn/mile. From a Runner's World plan, I had two miles at 11:30 so I figured anything between the two would be sufficient for now.

After the first tempo mile, I looked at my watch and saw 8:41. Then here is a summary of how my brain worked:

Uh-oh. Woops. Didn't mean to do that. Wished I hadn't looked at my watch because I feel a bit panicked. I don't really want to run that fast. It's hot. It's humid. I'm out of practice. This is ridiculous. Why do I think too much while I run? Why don't I just run? Feel the pain. But, I don't really feel pain. Yes. It's hard, but not THAT hard. Not any harder than the fricking Interval Training class. Or Beckie's workout. Now those are hard. And this is just two miles. And I got one down. And I'm running the outer perimeter of the track, so technically, I don't have four laps. I have about three. And actually less since I reached one mile earlier. Oh "Hello". She seems like a nice person (note: I just passed a runner on the track). She's running in the heat too. I got this. I'm almost done. Please god, let me be done!

So when I finished my second tempo mile, I looked at my time: 8:12.

Say what?

Needless to say, I was ecstatic. A great start to my back-to-run program. And I got a 'kudos' from the lone runner on the track with me, a fellow gal who duked out the heat and humidity for herself too.

I'm changing up my routine a bit this round. I decided to consult with my kick-ass workout champ Brittany for a program to include all the things I am currently enjoying doing (that sentence doesn't sound right): IT, Beckie's workouts, wallyball, weights, and training for my mile, then my half. I forgot to tell her I wanted to swim too. Watching Mi-Mi swim every day has inspired me to get my ass in the pool too.

Wish me luck.

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