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Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I called CJ before leaving from work, which was about 4PM. Swim meet starts at 6PM, but we have to be there at 5:15 for practice.

Hey - can you get MiMi ready for the swim meet? I need to run a few errands before the meet, so I need her to be ready so that when I get home, we can just go.

So the plan is: I get home, pack up my things for the meet, grab MiMi, then off we go while CJ gets picked up by sleepover folks, and off she goes.

As I turn down my street to my house, I see MiMi standing -- all alone! -- on the sidewalk between my house and the neighbor's. She's in her swimsuit, holding a towel and goggles.


I smile (because she smiles excitedly when she sees me :)) and motion to her to go to the driveway. I ask her "Why are you standing on the sidewalk?" She says "Because I thought that's what you wanted me to do? Just pick me up and go."

Although I have learned to be very descriptive in what I say to the girls, it appears I still haven't learned well enough...

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