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Friday, July 09, 2010


I do tend to be like many others in assessing my dreams. What do they mean? What does it signify towards my life?

Here's one of last night's dream:

I am in a boutique and a couch set is on display, on a platform. I touch the couch and feel how comfy it is then I decide to sit in the chair. It's like a big, overstuffed chair and I sort of lie in it, thinking: Tim would LOVE this chair. He can sit in it, like his recliner, and work on the laptop. But it's not leather... Hmmmm... So I push up on the chair (somehow) and the chair tips backwards, off the platform and onto the floor. It is lying on the back of the chair, with me in it...stuck. I can't get out. I just look like I'm sitting in it, except tipped over. I try to keep swinging it back right-side and...nothing. I finally, awkwardly, tip the chair from the back to the right arm side and extricate myself from the chair.

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