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Friday, June 04, 2010

Well That Was Weird

Yesterday morning I had my first chiropractic adjustment. I heard a lot of popping. *A lot*. And when he was done, not only did I smell like his cologne, but I actually could turn my head to the left and to the right.

This is promising.

And then I had the electrode thing, which I recall from my visits to the previous chiro, years ago.

It was funny because the assistant, after putting the nodes on me, to let her know once I felt them. This seemed to take awhile and I was beginning to panic...but then I felt them. Next, I was supposed to tell her when to stop. Within seconds my left shoulder felt seized up to my ear. I said 'Um, when do I say stop?' and she was like 'when it feels uncomfortable'. Well, to me 'uncomfortable' is slightly painful...and while I wasn't in pain, I felt slightly odd about my left shoulder feeling hunched up. Nonetheless, I laid that way for eight minutes.

That afternoon, after MiMi's swim practice, I decided to get into the pool and play with my girls.

We play a game called "Colors" and it's when one person holds another, then the person being held has to guess the color the holdee is thinking. If they are wrong, they get their head dunked into the water. If they are right, they get flipped over. Except for me because I am completely scared of flipping over in the water.

So *I* was being held, first by CJ, then MiMi (that was quite funny actually). I got dunked *a lot*. And at some point, CJ got a hold of a water soaker and would shoot me and MiMi in the head while we played the game.

I got home, grilled our dinner, ate, drank, watched Leap Year and decided to bunk with MiMi for the evening.

About 5:15 this morning, I heard Brenna the dog whining to get out of CJ's room. I slowly jumped out of bed to open the door for her, only to find myself falling towards the left side of my body, towards the wall.


I thought, Hmmm...I must've jumped out of bed too quickly.

So I tried to stand up and walk again, only to find myself falling towards the left. I couldn't walk. Every time I tried, I would walk leftways. I made it to the door, let Brenna out, then rolled back into bed wondering WTF has happened to me NOW.

I wondered if my chiropractic adjustment fucked me up. It's all in the neck area...maybe he screwed me up?

Then I thought about the pool and wondered if I had water in my ear. I didn't feel it but I also tend to use the drying drops after my pool play...but didn't last night.

On top of that, I haven't been able to sleep on my left side since I got my piercing a month ago. It hurts to sleep on it.

So I tried to elevate the ear off the pillow with arm, in hopes of draining any water.

I managed to fall back asleep and saw the time was close to 7, so I got up find that I was still walking leftways. I came down the stairs, hoping to show Tim my dilemma, only to see he and CJ had left for the day.

Now what? I started feeling extremely light headed and the headaches. How the hell am I going to get MiMi to school? What about work? I have this and that to do!!

I called Tim. He calmed me down. Told me to take the drops and call him in the morning :). Actually, we would evaluate around lunch to see how I was feeling. MiMi would stay home with me. Cancel everything else and then we would see the doc if I didn't improve.

I did improve. I'm no longer walking leftways. I still feel a bit strange in the head (no, not that way) but I think I am going to live.

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