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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

This was a last minute book club change. At the last book club meeting, a couple of us mentioned how hard a time we were in reading the current selection that we decided on "fluff" material instead. And thus, Twenties Girl was chosen.

What a great choice. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I read this (435 pages) in just two days (which is amazing for me). I could not put it down.

Lara is down and out.

She just lost her beloved boyfriend Josh. Her parents are nagging her about her life. She quit her job to go into business with her BFF, who abruptly became MIA and left Lara to deal with everything.

Then she meets her great-Aunt Sadie. And life changes drastically for Lara. Why? Because great-Aunt Sadie is dead.

And this becomes the story of Twenties Girl.

This book made me LOL so many times. Sadie forcing Lara to wear a twenties outfit for her first "drink date" with Ed was just hilarious.

And throw in the love story with Ed and I am sold.

Lara is delightful, even though she annoyed me like crazy when it came to her ex Josh.

But Sadie was delightful. I fell in love with Sadie and loved her in this book. I was so thrilled that her life could be shared with Lara, and the rest of the world.

And then the tears came at the end. The inevitable happened and I cried and cried and cried, much to the delight of CJ and Tim, who just love to tease me incessantly when I cry at books or movies.

But I don't care. It was a beautiful, unique story that Sophie Kinsella brought to me.

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  1. Well, we differ on this one! I read it about a year ago and was not a big fan. I thought it got better as it went along, but for the first half, I definitely was not feeling the love.