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Friday, June 25, 2010

SYTYCD 2010: My Favorite Week Two Performances

I am a week behind, but it's easier to blog about the recent one vs. the previous week. Better late than never.

So, my favorite performance of the week was from Mark and Ashley. I am soooo in love with Mark, ever since he was on the show in Season 4. The routines with him in it are usually my all-time favorites.

I even looked him up to find out how tall he was, how old he was, and whether he was single. Why? I have no clue. As if:
1. I would fly to LA (where he now resides)
2. I would actually meet him (I don't dance)
3. That he was single (he's probably gay)
4. That I would be his type (I'm a 41 year old, married with children, "soccer" mom)

But whatever. He is soooooooooooo hot. And that is one reason why this was one of my favorite routines:

I actually LOVED LOVED LOVED almost all of the routines. I was completely in shock whenever the judges dissed one of the dancers. I genuinely enjoyed every dance. When Melinda (the tap dancer) and Ade (he will protect me) danced their routine, I became a Melinda fan. The look she gives when she first turns her head to the audience swept me off my feet.

And even Dominic and Lauren's Lyrical Hip-Hop routine made me a Dominic fan, who I didn't really care for while he was competing.

It's been an amazing season. I wasn't sure how I would like the new format but so far, so good.

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