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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Fixed My Camera!

My little camera that could, my Olympus Stylus 760 that I purchased when I started *this* blog, finally broke on me after three years.

The zoom lens would no longer retract. When I tried to turn it on, I could hear an awful grinding noise.


Not that I am a materialistic person (I'm not), but I have an affection for this camera because I did get it fro Spring Break of 2007 and it's been my lifeline to all my outings with my kids.

So thinking that this was "it" for it was quite sad.

So I did some investigating and with a lot of "drill-down" work (finding terms, using those terms to further the search, etc.) I found a place where someone posted detailed instructions on how to fix it. It would require a small camera screwdriver and superglue. Uh-oh. Anything with a screwdriver and superglue and I'm out. *But* directions? I can follow to a tee. And the directions I read seemed detailed enough to be do-able, even by me.

An anecdote about following directions: long ago, when Tim and I lived in Greenville, I decided to get Tim a grill for (maybe even) Father's Day. My mom was with me, but Tim was out of town. So instead of having him come home to put the grill together, I figured I could do it with the directions provided by the grill.

And I did. It wasn't easy, but the great thing about those directions? They have real images of the screws, washers, etc. that you are supposed to use with each area, and I would grab a screw, line it up with the drawing, and know when and where to use it.

It took me a good couple of hours of re-reading, re-doing, and cursing, but I managed to put the grill together by myself. :)

So I *can* follow directions. But it's whether the directions are written clear enough for a person like me.

These are the directions I got from
It's a little tricky but with a small eyeglass screwdriver and some super glue you can do it. I had the problem, here is what you do. 1 romove the five screws two on bottom NOTE one of the bottom screws is longer than the rest. two on side one on other side. 2 gently remove housing, 3 then remove chrome ring that surrounds three sides of camera. 4 inside there are four screws remove them and separate camera. there is a small metal clip that came unglued you can see where it belongs you must gently turn the wheel till the retainer is all the way to the left away from wheel.the clip goes under the shaft use a little super glue to glue it back. the hardest part is the screen plug lift up black piece line it up and then lock the black piece down it took me about an hour and a half.even with my fat sausage fingers.

Along with this picture:

As you can see, the picture is not a great quality.

Following the directions before the actual fix, this is what I had (posted to twitpic):
Attempting to fix my own camera cross ur toes! #Fb on Twitpic

And after reading, and re-reading, I managed to fix it.

Just in time to get pics of CJ's birthday and Christina's wedding.

So I'd like to thank the guy who posted the directions, the people who made me anal-retentive enough to follow directions, and for Tim for getting my supplies.

And now, I have an even stronger bond with this inanimate object.


  1. If you were Brenna, I would pat you on the head!!!!

  2. Awwww...thanks Anonymous! :)