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Friday, June 25, 2010


After the afternoon swim practice, I stopped by Kroger to pick up some "fun food" for our Friday night dinner.

I had it all planned out in my head: chips with onion dip; guacamole and chips; and some bacon-wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. I also added a cheap bottle of wine and some other necessities.

The whole time I was in the store? I just cruised the aisles...'window shopping', if you will...taking my sweet time.

In my head, I am thinking about my budget in relation to the cash I have in my wallet. No worries, I think. I always have my debit card if it goes over the amount of cash I am carrying.

My girls are somewhere in the store, looking at candy.

So, I check out in the self-checkout lane. My avocados go limes...everything. I save the wine bottle for last. Once I see that I have to show my ID for the wine (not really...the self-checkout lady comes towards me, then abruptly goes back to her area as if 'wow, she's really old. i don't need to card the bitch.'), I realize a very bad thing. The bag I have is my 'go-to-the-pool-bag'. There is only petty cash in that thing. No real money. No debit card. No money to pay for what I just purchased.

So I search for CJ to see if she brought her big birthday bounty with her. Nope. In fact, she apologizes later, she spent her five dollars on candy and cups. All $5, which is still $10 short of what I would have needed.

So I asked the skeptical cashier if she could hold my stuff because, really, I am right down the road.

And I managed to stump the skeptic by COMING BACK and paying for my avocados.

It really wasn't that bad. I wasn't at all embarrassed. If it were the debit card that was rejected, however, that would be a different story...

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