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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Beauty of Babysitters

Yesterday, MiMi and I had the great privilege and pleasure of attending one of great friend's wedding.

Christina came to us via 'babysitting job description' through NC State. She started watching our children while Tim and I went for our Saturday long runs.

She continued to babysit for us for the next six years.

Yesterday she got married.

When I first saw her appear with her dad, to head down the "aisle" at JC Raulston Arboretum, I cried.

Not only because she was one of the most beautiful creatures I've seen, but because I was so proud of her.

And while I don't look to her as a daughter, or a past employee, she is definitely someone that has been part of our life for a long time. She pretty much help raise MiMi and CJ. Having the same battles with MiMi, which I can laugh at now but at the time, I was horrified that MiMi was misbehaving for her.

Christina now is a professor of Economics at Missouri State University. I attended her graduation dinner last year and I cried. She's just an amazing person that I was fortunate to find 'randomly'.

And there have been others...

Crystal came to us from her dad's recommendation at my workplace. She was 12? when she started babysitting for us.

Yes. Twelve (or thirteen).

A few people were bewildered at why we would have someone so young babysit our young daughter. We tried one college girl before and CJ told us she spent the entire time on the phone.

So we gave it another go and found that Crystal was more trained than we were. She carried a tote bag filled with her Red Cross training books, among other things.

Her mom, a wonderful woman, would drop her off and pick her up, no matter how late Crystal stayed for us.

When MiMi was born, we had her as a "mother's helper" throughout the summer.

Another amazing person, Crystal is now working her way through college...literally. She has an amazing work ethic that is so hard to find in anyone today, young or old...but to me, it is absolutely unusual to see it in this young generation.

We still see Crystal occasionally, but she's a grown woman now and has her own responsibilities. The beauty of Facebook is that I can keep up with her. But I shake my head in disbelief, remembering how young she was when she first came to us.

A couple of years ago we met Jennie. Jennie was a brunette when we met her and were entranced; when she returned to the first day of spending the summer with the girls, she was 'goth' girl. Tim had no idea she was the same person!

Jennie was awesome and took the girls to the pool, the movies, wherever. She was a voracious reader which helped my children continue their quests for books at the library. I remember her bringing Marley and Me, along with her towel and other pool supplies, as I passed her in the morning.

Jennie went on to work as a school psychologist for an NC county school system.

These are all people I consider great friends. I don't know how anyone can go without friendship with babysitters. I don't even like to use that word, because they are so much more than that. For the summer, starting with Jennie, I used "Personal Camp Counselor". But they are so much more than that to me. And I'm grateful to keep in touch so that I can continue to shed those happy tears as I watch/hear about the life milestones they continue to reach.

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