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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Back to Back

I decided to give chiropractic care another go.

I did this route several years ago, when I bruised my coccyx (aka tailbone) in a freak accident. The freak being me, rolling down a hill in roller-blades and not being able to stop except to fall on my ass.

And while some parts felt great -- and I won patient of the month from the staff -- it all still felt like a revolving door of patients getting the same old dance.

I'm not sure if this will go any better but I enjoyed the staff at my visit yesterday and for awhile, I'll be happy about it if that's all I get out of it: the enjoyment of nice people.

I first met the staff a couple weeks ago at our employee health fair celebrating National Employee Health and Fitness Day. They did a scan of my spine to show where my muscle fibers are all bunched up. OF COURSE it showed that I was stressed. One - because I am stressed and two - isn't that the sell?

Yes. I am cynical. But I am also more stressed than I was two weeks ago. Much to my dismay, the balance of work and life is not balancing out well. Work has overwhelmed me to where I have little time to do ALL the things I want to do. Some of my friends ask me: how do you find the time to do it all? There's no magic in what I do. I have found time to "do it all" but my "all" is different than your all. However, my "all" now is impossible to do. Not without more stress. The stress of it all makes me think that some of my BFFs are not quite getting it and insist on being agitated with me for not participating in the things I have done with them in the past. SO SHAME ON YOU IF I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU. I am very vulnerable right now.

Back to my chiropractic visit.

Yesterday was just the consult. And as expected, the doc said I could benefit from this. I did mention my "halo"-like symptoms, sans the migraine, and the tingling-to-numbness I get in my right hand...on top of the fact that I already know that my c-spine vertebrates are similar to that of 'an 80-year-old woman who has been in a series of car wrecks'.

He asks: do you wish to continue to an initial exam? Why not?! I say. Probably not the best response, as it seems a bit whimsical and not at all serious. But my docs can't seem to figure out what's wrong with me and maybe, just maybe, the premise of aligning my spine will help.

But I loved my introduction to the staff, who, BTW, are exceptional. I called last week to postpone the original appointment (due to more work) and the person on the phone was SO FRICKING NICE. That never happens these days...

As I filled out the appropriate paperwork, I was dealt with more niceness from one member of the staff. Then the other brings me to the doc's office and says to me "Did you take the day off?" To which I replied "Um, no. This is what I wear to work." Instead of being uncomfortable with my dry wit, she laughed and made jovial remarks (to which I cannot recall now) about it.

When I gave the go-ahead for the exam, x-rays were ordered. The jovial member then took me to the x-ray room and said, very hesitantly, "Um...can you take your earrings off?" Well, the indy bar is what she was referring to. "NO. The only person that can take that one off is the guy that put it in."

"I thought so" she replies.

When I lined up for the first shot, which required me to open my mouth wide, she looks at me accusingly, "Do you have any tongue piercings?" I was a bit confused at why she asked me that but soon realized, ah. She thinks I'm a freak like my kids and hubby do. I like this girl...

So...I sit here waiting to go to my first appointment with the doc. I'm sure to hear how I must go "x" many times a week (whatever my insurance allows per week) and I'll just stress out about how I need to fit in these appointments in my already booked week...accommodating WORK, wallyball, WORK, running, MORE WORK, workouts with friends, reading, fricking WORK, blogging, cooking, taking kids to pool, bejeweled blitz, WWF, and all the other things I am managing to put into my day along with WORK.

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  1. Wow, you do sound stressed. In case you are wondering, I'm not agitated, just miss my running wife. Even though you are a freak... or perhaps because you are a freak :-)