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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Step into My World

This morning, Mi-Mi was telling me about some of the things she does at school. What I loved most was her description of how they use the smart board at school to determine the weather.

She drew it all out on a piece of paper and described how there was a sentence on the screen with two icons.


She said "icons"!

She continued with ' select the icon and it gives you the weather forecast for Raleigh'.

I was so impressed and that she knows what an icon is. You may think: what's the big deal? But it's one of those quirky things that tickle me

You see, part of my job deals with icons. Yes, those teeny tiny little pictures that you can push, stare at, animate, glow, etc. in software.

I am pretty particular about icons and have been dubbed the "icon queen" or even better, the "icon nazi".

So for you software developers, not only will I critique your user interface, I *will* judge your icons. Much like bad grammar and typos, my opinion of software can be impacted by the icons that are used to represent 'things'.

So hearing Mi-Mi mention it just makes me feel like she's entered a part of my world that's not a part of hers (or the rest of my not-part-of-my-work family and friends).

Here's her "prototype" of what she does at school, with the whiteboard:

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