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Monday, May 03, 2010

Spring Fever

Wednesday evening is all when it began.

A tickle in the throat.

Perhaps maybe it started even earlier...a very sneezy beginning of the week.

Thursday, definitely a more sore throat. But, I put in my first Enviro Training.

It got worse. It's the worst part of getting sick: that burning sore throat that hurts like hell every time you swallow.

I tried numbing it with wine. Let me tell you: it works. It may not numb the soreness, but it helps me ignore the pain.

The night "sleep" sucked: waking up, what seems like every 15 minutes, to the most intense sore throat ever. When I got up Friday, the throat was pretty raw. I had no voice. I resorted to writing notes to MiMi, to which she kindly wrote me back vs. speaking to me. :)

I stayed home to recover. This included going to the doctor and making sure it wasn't strep. Don't know if it was OFFICIALLY because he didn't test for it but did give me a prescription for antibiotics just in case it got worse over the weekend.

Thankfully, after I ruminated over whether I should or shouldn't get the prescription, Tim convinced me to just take it, because it did, in fact, get worse over the weekend.

But did that stop me from NOT resting?

Friday afternoon I took CJ and MiMi to get CJ's ears pierced, only to end up with my own piercing and CJ none. Then it was off to shopping for a birthday present for CJ's BFF on Saturday.

Saturday was spent at the spa - pedicure for me and facial/mani/pedi for CJ. As the afternoon wore on at the spa, I was ailing more. I had to skip dinner with the girls because I felt so crappy.

But still managed to shop for dinner and cook it that evening.

Then Sunday was meet Glenda and Gregory day and while I was in pain, nothing was going to stop me from that. In our excitement, we rushed to PetSmart to get supplies so that we were ready for the new additions when they arrived later this week.

Came back home for rest? Nope. I wanted to pitch in and help set the room up for the new pups - Tim tearing up and MiMi rolling it up to discard.

Time for rest. But only for a little bit before we rolled back out to Lowe's to get even more supplies to get the puppy room ready.

And it just got worse from there. My head felt awful. And perhaps, about the last 30 minutes before I fell asleep, I actually felt better.

But now, Monday morning? I feel like shit. Not only do I have my cough, my snot, and my head throbbing like crazy, but now I have a sore ear to go along with it.

But at least my toes look purty!

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