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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oopsy! My Bad! But *YOU* Should Have Known...

I just read this article about a Texas family who was sent an $8000 electric bill.

It's not a mistake. They apparently owe that much money because the electric company made a clerical error five years ago, and this family was not being billed for their electric usage.

However, their gas was included on the bill these past years, so they have been paying their bills.

The funny, and typical, thing about this is: the electric company *still* points a finger at the homeowners.

If the homeowners read their bill correctly, they would have seen that:
"A bar graph on the bill shows how much of the amount owed is for gas and how much is for electricity."

So now it's the homeowners fault for _their_ fuck up. 'You should have seen we made a mistake and told us about it!'

Did I mention "typical"?

I'm not saying they shouldn't pay for this bill but to even hint that they have any fault in this is just wrong. Don't even go there.

A graph should alert a person to a problem? Well, being a graph person, I would say YES but the truth is, I think most people either 1)pay zero attention to the detail or 2) just accept a graph could be wrong and disregard it.

Boo-boos happen. Accept it, work with it, and move on. But the blame game, especially from a corporate giant, is just plain stupid, unethical and feeds into the stereotype of a greedy corporate bastard.

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