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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not Your Normal Hump Day

What do you do on a Wednesday at work?

Here's what I did:

I attended a meeting @ 8 AM, then another one @ 9 AM, in which I spent about seven minutes talking my points.

At 11AM, I was ready and warming up for a 5K at my company's workplace. It's a race they hold every year for National Employee Health & Fitness Day.

This course is HARD. I didn't train for it, nor have I ran regularly. Me and my running buddies created a pool, predicting our finish time, with the closest predictor winning. The caveat? No ipods. No watches. Only instinct.

This is my third year (but fourth time, I think) running this race. Last year, I actually won my age group (for females). I had to suck up my ego and accept the fact that I was in better running shape last year (In hindsight, I also noticed that women in my age group that are faster than me did not run in last year...but before the race, I did not know this.)

I predicted 28:00 and had regrets that I ever picked that time. Did I mention the course is hard? I ran it a few weeks ago in 32 minutes and that felt fast & hard.

But I decided to stick to that time and hope that race adrenaline would carry me through.

And it did. But not just race adrenaline. My friend Eric...I ran with him for a bit. In fact, we ran with another friend Steve, and had two guys behind us talk work for a good portion of the run. Not just talk, but breathless and loud. And really into the details.

About quarter mile in, Steve says 'no developer talk1', to which Eric said something like 'it is distracting as hell!' Somehow, one of the talkers decided to bring me into it and asked if my tattoo was a lion or a dragon. I breathlessly said "Dragon" and later "That's all I'm going to say now" because, THIS COURSE IS HARD and even a quarter mile into the race, I was having a hard time.

So talker #2 continued to chat effortlessly but more like, to talker #2 "you said we could talk about work! you said we could!" and then said to me, "We could do hand gestures" to which I replied -- brilliantly, I might add...which, I'm always brilliant but in the middle of a race? Not so much... - "I have a hand gesture for you."

Talker #1 laughed (I know him; we attend weekly meetings together) and Talker #2 ran ahead and away.

Back to the run: it's chock full of hills. I lost Eric in the "middle" hills...he ran ahead of me. I knew Steve was still with me. Then another Erick, with a "K", said to me "pull me through this!" Well, I can't pull anyone through anything when I'm having a hard time but I ended up running with him for a section. But he too pulled ahead and I'm left on my own.

To deal with yet another long hill.

I know the end is near. The bad part is the end is UP. A long, gradually but sharp UP. And it ends when the finish line is.

I wanted to walk. But who walks to the end? Let me be specific: who walks to the finish line of a 5k?

But then Terrell came along and said 'let's race to the end', or something like that. But I was too far to want to push myself so I created a point and told him that's when we'll push it. And we did, and he let me finish before him (I love Southern gentlemen!) and I made it in 28:30. I actually heard "28:89" but we know that's not a real time...

And I'm happy.

But that's not all!!

At 5PM, my running buddy Frank and I participated in a demo for a future work-fitness program. The program was based on the TV show The Amazing Race. We were the "gray" team, with our matching gray shirts.

The first task: find our first clue at our work soccer field. There were four places to find it; we found it at the second try.

Then we had a clue to go to the pool. Yes. My workplace has it's own pool. And guess what? It was the wrong pool! Because my workplace has pool *tables*. This is where our second clue was and it was a detour, which means, one team member has to complete the task. Frank volunteered and completed the task of counting tennis balls.

Once that was complete, our next clue was to bring one medicine ball to the gazebo by the tennis courts. Did I say tennis courts? Yes I did.

However, we nearly arrived at the tennis courts only to be reminded to reread the clue...which stated only ONE medicine ball should be taken. This meant we had to go back to the starting point to return one ball, then head back to finish the next clue.

The next clue was for the person who DIDN'T do the first task, to hold a medicine ball above their head, while climbing up/down stairs, 10 times. I ran those stairs for the first three times but then my arms were killing me. I was sweating like a freaking pig in 66 degree cool weather.

But I made it.

Then Frank and I had to tie one leg together, like a three-legged race, and find a place by the gym, that stores soccer equipment.

That was funny, as Frank and I were literally hugging each other as we walked with three legs. Once we made it to the checkpoint, we had to do 10 leg lifts. Once complete, we now had to make it to a building that has an outdoor, life-size chess board.

We ran to it, jumping over a creek...which made me feel a little adventurous (and I shall note: I am a proud card-carrying member of the non-adventurous club). We found the clue at the chess board and then had to run back to where we came from...only to be the 7th team to make it to the finish. Seven out of NINE teams.

Nonetheless, it was a great workout with a lot of fun with my BFF. I mentioned it was a demo was. This Amazing Race adventure will be offered in the Fall. At my work.

And while this was not a typical Wednesday in my work-life, it is NOT unusual. I am fortunate to be in an environment where my hump days can be extraordinary.

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  1. that sounds awesome! And Congratulations on a great job to you and your partner, Frank the Tank!!!