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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manic Monday

My mornings are a bit busier now that I am a mom to two new "chicorgis" (chihuahua/corgi mixes). I have to get the pups out to the yard, one at a time to prevent one from just squatting in the house to do its business, which entails going from upstairs to downstairs, out the back porch into the yard, and then going back upstairs to get the other one.

I have Sunkist and Brenna to take care of too. Fortunately, Sunkist is up when Tim gets up, so he (the cat) is usually taken care of by the time I'm up.

This past Monday, I was up in time to hang out with CJ before she and Tim left for school and work. We noticed Sunkist staring intently at the bottom of the refrigerator as we talked about the day ahead.

After all were gone, except for me, Mi-Mi and the animals, I set out to water my newly planted garden, as well as watch the mutts play around the yard.

I let the mutts in on the porch and they ran into the house while I dilly-dallied, slow to enter the house.

But once I did, I became lost in a state of weird confusion. I heard an odd growling noise. Lucy, the new pup, is a growler. But it wasn't "her" growl but hey, we had her merely four days so this could be something new.

The only problem was, when I looked at her, she wasn't growling. Neither was her brother Ricky. And Brenna, she doesn't growl.

What is this noise, I pondered? I was extremely perplexed. The only thing left was Sunkist...who was standing in front of me, facing the pups, who were facing me. B

But they weren't facing me, they were staring, eyes agog, at Sunkist. Their tails were wagging like crazy and the dogs looked, well, awed and excited.

This is when I looked back at Sunkist, who appeared to have a stick sticking out of the left side of his head. Remember, I can see the back of Sunkist.

I then realized that the ominous growl was coming from Sunkist.

And I'm slow at math, so I never put two-and-two together: odd growl, stick in mouth, the earlier "staring intently at the bottom of the refrigerator".

None of that ever hit me. Instead, I just came around to the front of Sunkist to ask him what the heck was wrong, only to see a small mouse (with apparently a long tail!) tucked neatly into his mouth.

That didn't take any slow methodical calculating. I knew instantly what it was and I did what I knew I would always do (and probably always will) when I see a mouse, I screamed.

I think I jumped a good two feet in the air to get to the top of the bay window bench. Then I hurdled the dogs on the other side, ran through the dining room, the piano room, up the stairs, into my bedroom, shutting the door, shivering and screaming. Not screaming like "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" but more like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Mi-Mi, in the meantime, had snuck (hey! just found out that "snuck" is actually NOT a word!) into my bed earlier in the morning and was fast asleep.

I cared not one bit. I could not control my uncontrolled self. I was doing the pee-pee dance, trying to shake off the image of what I had just seen. Every time it came back into my head, I shivered and stomped my feet. I was sweating like a pig.

I called Tim and just blabbered the whole experience to him. I remember before he knew what I had to say, there was either the words, or the tone, that sounded like "What now?"

He had to be the 911 operator to calm me down. "Calm down" I think were the actual words he used. Then next, he instructed me to get the animals (minus the cat) and make sure they were cordoned off. I didn't ask why, but at the time, it made a lot of sense. Yes. Save the animals.

While I was expressing my agitation, naturally, I woke Mi-Mi up. I sympathized: waking up to a manic mother is not something anyone wishes for. But at some point, I saw her clapping for Sunkist successfully capturing his prey in our house. She was happy.

Thankfully, Tim told me to leave Sunkist alone and let him do what cats do with mice. The only problem with that is, being a novice cat owner, the only stories I know of from cat owners about creatures that their cats get, were that they end up being presents for their owners or bloody messes somewhere in the house. NEITHER OF THESE WERE ACCEPTABLE TO ME.

Once I hung up, I looked at Mi-Mi and realized "I have to feed her" but that required going back downstairs to get food. I told Mi-Mi that she *had* to go down with me. And I did a Castanza: I made her walk in front of me, down the stairs, into the kitchen, while holding her shoulders. We would stop a bit, she would move away from me, look both ways, then tell me "CLEAR!", and I'd hold on to her shoulders as we walked into the kitchen.

The first try was a bust: Mi-Mi saw Sunkist and kind of made an expression of surprise. I DID NOT see Sunkist, but heard Mi-Mi's utterance and screamed bloody murder and ran back upstairs.

Technically, I left Mi-Mi but she ran right behind me screaming too.

We were holed back up in the bedroom as I tried to think about how the hell I was going to feed my 7 year old breakfast. I did NOT WANT TO SEE THE CAT OR THE MOUSE.

I can't quite remember what happened, but we did manage to get breakfast and rush back up the stairs.

I was able to get her off to school, without any more incidents (wasn't those enough?) and when I got to work, I realized I left my work laptop at home. This meant a trip back home, to who knows what!!

And yes, I freaked more. A smudged shoe print in the dark hall, on a dark floor, was the dead carcass of the mouse (I didn't know it was a smudged shoe print until later that day). I had to walk by what I thought was the dead mouse, shielding my view - LITERALLY WITH MY HAND COVERING ONE SIDE OF MY FACE - so as not to see it.

But alas! There was no carcass to be found. I saw no signs of blood in the house. Well, let me get it straight: *Tim* found no signs of blood or mouse in the house. I didn't see any by not trying to find any.

I asked Mi-Mi, when we were home from school and work, to inspect Sunkist for signs of dried blood and none were found (I'll take her word for it; makes my happy to have these thoughts). So really, I have no idea what happened to the mouse.

I do know that Sunkist seems to be a bit of a kick in hist step. It's like he's tasted the life of a predator and now, he's king of the jungle.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that he did this and I regret that I probably freaked him out for his first kill...but I'm not sure I can be any saner if this happens again.

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  1. Did you count the steps on the way up to your bedroom?