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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Like A 7 Year Old

Mi-Mi has boo boos from running and falling on the playground, off the monkey bars, or any other play that first graders do.

And guess what? So do I.

This will come off as more boasting, similar to my hump day for those who do not work with me, I apologize.

I have scrapes on my knees. No, not from what Tim likes to think (the only way one can scrape knees) but from my Enviro Training program, in which we are outdoors, doing push-ups or some weird ab exercise. I'm fit but sorry, I can't do that many straight-leg push-ups. Although I'm getting better...:)

My forearms have bruises from wallyball. BTW, Carlos and I are 3-and-1 in the mixed doubles league.

My upper arms have bruises from what, I don't know.

And after yesterday's Amazing Race adventure, I proudly wear a big ass bruise on my inner right ankle, from being tied to Frank's leg.

And then there's the cut on my bottom lip. Not from a wayward wallyball attack, but from those eety-beety toenails from one of my new pups.

I could say that I must look like a bruised and battered woman to my fellow friends but (un?)fortunately, they look like I do.

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