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Monday, May 31, 2010

I Want to Work at the Library

I love love love the library. I have ever since I was young enough to be introduced to one.

My days at Clark AFB included time well spent at the library. As amazing as it is today, I had free reign to roam the base during my middle school years. We had a bus system on the base and I would either walk to my destination or ride a bus. And walk/rides included going to the library.

I remember my BFF at the time, Sherilynn Cook hanging out there...with Bobby Gonzalez, a beautiful boy that made me state to my grandfather "When I grow up, I am marrying a Mexican!"

I spent endless hours perusing all the books that I could read. I signed up every summer for the library's summer reading program. Back then, there were no goodie bags for doing the program. You just did it. The honor system. And I did that. I jotted every book down that I read and filled it up by the end of summer.

We would go on vacation to Camp John Hay, which is in Baguio...the "mountains" of the Philippines. I'd spend as much time at the library there as I would taking a warm shower (at our home in Angeles City, we had *only* cold water...I still remember the gasps of breath I took those first few minutes of a cold shower).

And my pursuit of libraries continue until now. Although "now" is more technological: browse for books through the online library to order and have delivered for me to pick up. But there are still the days that I take my kids there and browse through all sections that I feel like perusing.

I also subscribe to two library newsletters: Duraleigh and Leesville. I tend to skim over most newsletters for anything that catches my eye (I have an impatient-ADD personality when it comes to reading anything online) but with these two newsletters, I read through them very thoroughly.

Imagine my surprise when I found this blog. Wow. The first posting reeled me in. I love that these "librarians" are passionate about their books (and blase about the popular picks) and POST A POST ON A BLOG THAT'S ON WORDPRESS! That, my dear, is dedication.

It's what I would do if I were a librarian.

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