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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freedom Run

I found this race, Freedom's Run, in an email from Precision Race last week. I didn't think much of it but followed the link and was swept off my feet.

The image of the little town on the home page mesmerized me. I love quaint towns, those tucked away little places that no one really knows exist...nor takes the time to find. Running, fortunately, takes care of that and there's always a race in some little corner of the world that meets this criteria.

So, intrigued by this race, I read on. The full marathon course description tempted me to consider this for my first marathon:
The full marathon is a point to point with a small net elevation loss. You course 4.5 miles Harpers Ferry National Park, cover 10 flat miles on C&O Canal, roll over a country road to Antietam Battlefield for 2 miles, cover 5 rolling miles of the rich land of Antietam, and finish with 4.5 flat to downhill miles into Shepherdstown.

There was a small blurb on the half marathon route that was less descriptive however, the route merges with the marathoners to run through the Antietam Battlefield...and the idea to run through a historic battlefield stole my heart.

I read on to see that this is meant for all: the course for both full and half marathon is open for a full 7 and 5 hours (respective of each course) for walkers. I LOVE that idea. It's meant for the experience, not the competitiveness.

And there is no reward money for winners, which means to me, no one who is in it to win money will sign-up. If they are competitive runners, they are going to run this for the experience.

And it's in October, which gives me plenty of time to ramp up my (now lazed) running power.

The only downside is that it interferes with my planned Anna's Angels 10 miler, which is the Sunday before this race. No, I don't care to run 10 miles before my half. I will have enough races to run, nearly every other week, in the Fall, that I want to "pace" myself and run each race well...which will be hard enough with the number of races I'll have.

I remember doing it this past fall and it wore me out, more mentally than physically. But this is also when (how?) I fractured my foot so I will be more careful about staying injury-free.

But I'm excited. And I just hope I make it to the end. :)

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