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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Facebook Family

MiMi asked me, a couple weeks ago, if she could have 'a facebook'. I said no.

She asked again a week later; Tim and I both said no.

But the other day, CJ and MiMi fought over a game that is on facebook and *I* set up MiMi a facebook account.

BTW, she's 24 years old.

But there is something innocent and wonderful about facebook from a seven year old's perspective.

The first thing she did, after requesting friendship from CJ's friends, was to post to their recent status updates:

"Hi ! It's MiMi!"

Then later she writes, in response to these girls in a separate thread:
"Hi guys! I love you and miss you two too!"

Note the proper usage of "two" and "too". I am so proud.

She also wrote on me and Tim's wall:



She's so GD sweet it makes my inside hurt so good.

I let her fill out her own bio. This is what she has:

Bio: i love pets
Activities: Playing with my Pets, Making Arts and Crafts, Going to the Spca
Hobbies: Reading, Art, Animals
Music: Ke$ha, Lady Gaga (she spelled Kesha correctly too)

She also posted this on her wall yesterday:

Can't wait until getting the puppies!thinking about them all day!

She is so sweet!! And for now, I find it endearing to see how she conducts herself on facebook.


  1. From your perspective, that's really adorable. :) Now if I were CJ...I'd be really annoyed. But that's me. I don't know her at all.