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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian

This was an interesting novel.

But first: this was a one week loaner from the library. I love these one week loaners because it gives me a challenge: read this book before the end of the week! And I did. YAY ME!

The novel ends up having four different sections with multiple chapters within each section. The sections represent four different people in the novel: a preacher, a district attorney, a writer, and a parishioner.

The preacher is stepping down...has decided that he has been speaking to no one all along. The writer believes in angels - real life angels and is a world-famous author for writing about them. This is the paradox: a long time preacher who no longer believes and an angel-author who, well, believes in 'praying' to her angel.

The story starts with a baptism, a murder-suicide, and then an investigation into the murder-suicide. The preacher becomes a suspect once it's found that the preacher and the victim of the murder-suicide had an affair.

While this was an intriguing story, I had predicted the result early, early on. And while I don't mind being so good at being a detective, in the end, it felt predictable. I can't help that I missed my calling as an investigator.

There's a whole section, actually, that seems irrelevant. And each section ended up being overwrought. It was like watching 2 to 3 hour movies: there's at least 45+ minutes of fluff and redundancy that could be cut to make the movie more interesting in 1 1/2 hours.

So it was good but not great. Not mediocre but not memorable. There are some great, great lines in there but the lines that meant something to me had nothing to do with the plot...just random sentences that popped out of nowhere.

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  1. Sounds not so great. I've loved a couple of his books, but others have been disappointments. Have you read Midwives or Transister Radio by him? Those two were my favorites.