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Monday, April 05, 2010

Al Fresco

I love our porch.

When we got the house, I couldn't believe we had a porch. It was one of those "pinch me" things.

The porch needs work but it's at the bottom of the list. It's functional and every year, we do something different to it. This year, I think the girls and I will finally paint it. Any and perhaps, every color we like.

The porch is our "vacation" spot. Every time we went on vacation, we would think about some hokey cafe, why don't we have this in Raleigh? So we made our porch our hokey cafe.

We have candles galore.

Dos Taquitos (my favorite restaurant) used to use beer bottles as candle holders. They don't anymore but I do.

Yes, those are empty wine bottles lined up on beams. I decided at some point that it looked cool, having them all lined up so I'm starting my collection.

We had one of our favorite Chicken Quesadilla recipes last night and lit up all the candles. This is the view from the walkway to the porch. See Brenna's eyes shining through the screen?

Shortly after dinner, Tim decided to use the zipline in the pitch darkness. The girls and I had to maneuver via flashlight; he had his headlamp on. It was pretty funny.

I am looking forward to more time on the porch, both enjoying it and making it more funky. It'll just have to wait until this yellow stuff finally disappears. Otherwise, we'll just be eating and drinking pollen.

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