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Saturday, April 10, 2010

100 in the 90s

My friend, co-worker and a fellow movie buff, sent me this list of movies. They are the top 100 movies of the 1990s by the International Cinephile Society.

Now, there are top numbered lists all over the place but this one intrigued me as their number one pick of the all-time best from the 1990s? A Thin Red Line.

A Thin Red Line? Really? How did this, not-seen-as-much-as-released-around-the-same-time-Saving-Private-Ryan movie make the NUMBER ONE SPOT of all time (for the 90s)?

And because I love this movie, it intrigued me that this panel of people selected this amazing, low key movie was selected.

I compared my viewings with the list and it looks like I managed to watch 50 of the 100 on the list.

The list looked pretty amazing too. Many, many foreign movies. More than I am used to seeing in other "Top ##" lists.

And not only do I love those 'underdog' movies, I love foreign movies.

And this list included quite a few of the ones I had seen.

I have now decided to make a new, enjoyable, geeky-movie-buff goal: watch every movie from this list.

I am even leaning towards re-watching the movies I have already seen to gain a 'fair and balanced' assessment of the movie and drawing my own personal comparison to this list.

Probably not renumber it according to my likes, but more like review it and compare it to the ICS' version.

I'm looking forward to it. I found several already available via Netflix streaming, so I can get these watched pretty soon.


  1. Wow... 50 is impressive. I think I've only seen about 16 of them!

  2. Impressive isn't the right word. Maybe peculiar or odd? But many of these were before children. I feel wrong calling myself a movie buff NOW because I rarely get to see any.