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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break, Day One

I was so excited about today. The plan was to take CJ, Mi-Mi and two of CJ's BFFs to the play at Raleigh Little Theatre, The One Hundred Dresses, which is based on a novel by Eleanor Estes.

A few weeks ago, someone from work posted this play on an internal mailing list and mentioned that it was a play done by young children. I thought this would be a great get-together for CJ and her BFFs (that are in other schools), plus a cool thing for me and Mi-Mi to do with the girls.

I wanted to take them out for lunch beforehand. One girl is a vegetarian; another is semi-vegetarian (father is vegetarian). I thought of the Irregardless Cafe, a one-time favorite and frequent place for me and Tim. Unfortunately, not open for lunch on Saturdays.

Same for Gravy, a place that CJ mentioned because the chef had visited her school a couple weeks ago, for the Humanities Hoopla, talking about his career to the kids.

Same. Not open for lunch.

I sent a tweet for recommendations for a place and someone tweeted The Remedy Diner. They had a wide, WIDE selection of vegetarian options that I decided that would be the one.

But the day didn't start out so hot.

I woke up with an extreme crick in my neck. So painful that I couldn't really move. It still hurts at 22:09.

Then, after having the girls piled into the car, I ended up hitting road block after road block: Glenwood was closed for repaving (um, they work weekends apparently), the key parts of downtown Raleigh were blocked for, what it now seems, the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon.

And my GPS doesn't work, so I have to go by memory-instinct-experience...none of which are very reliable. But I finally managed to get there and fortunately, we were able to eat and get done in time to get to the play.

But nooooo....before we could actually leave The Remedy Diner, I see that I am nearly blocked from leaving the parking lot by an SUV, a cop car, and four policemen.

Fortunately, they help me out of the area. But I'm still curious as to what was going on...and how I end up in these situations: I once got lost in Raleigh and ended up watching a herd of Raleigh policemen, with guns drawn, running towards a location THROUGH THE STREETS, AROUND MY CAR. Once I made it home, trying really hard not to stay lost, the whole take-down was on the news, LIVE. I *never* go that route and the day I do, I end up in the middle of it.

ANYWAY, the play was delightful. The young actors and actresses were amazing. How they know to "act" at that age...not to be embarrassed to pretend in front of strangers? Truly incomprehensible to me in the most awesome way.

After the play, I hit Edible Art for an after-play dessert. It was wonderful and tragic. Tragic because I ate the entire slice of cake and it made me sick for the rest of the day. I wasn't even HUNGRY! And I ate the whole GD thing.

Drop off turned into "can we hang out longer" to "can they sleepover".

Mi-Mi also had a planned sleepover. Somehow, we thought "zoey" was "yy" and ended up making plans with the wrong parents. So somewhere, zoey is still wondering where mi-mi is but fortunately, we convinced yy and her family to take mi-mi in for a sleepover. :)

So Tim and I was able to enjoy a short date night together, at our favorite FAVORITE diner, Hayes Barton. We thought about catching a flick but couldn't wait until 9:45 showings of Shutter Island so we opted to hang out at the hacienda.

So day one of Spring Break? Awesome.

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