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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Run Around the Lake

It seems my weekend runs fall on Sunday. My Saturdays are just too busy. Maybe when I get more serious about my weekend runs I'll go back to Saturdays.

Today we headed to Shelley Lake. Tim had Brenna the dog and the girls as I ran five miles.

I decided to keep my run pretty easy. I have been enjoying my runs of late and wanted to keep up that feeling.

I noticed that my right knee wasn't feeling too hot. Over the past week, I have felt my knee give out even, during a climb up or down the stairs. I hope that's night a sign of anything bad to come but just "growing pains". But every time this happens, I think about my friend Melisa, who's bone-near-the-knee can actually COME out and she has to push it back in. Ugh.

Anyway, the day was beautiful. The park was packed. I didn't get too pissed at the people around me. I enjoyed eying the dogs, especially the puppies and the unusual sights for two Newfoundland *and* a Saint Bernard. Beautiful and BIG dogs.

I listened to my podcast (KATG episode #1118 Who Farted) and stayed tuned to it. I wasn't in my usual friendly-runner mode - smiling at everyone, or nodding hello. Instead, I kept my eyes straight ahead, concentrating on my podcast.

Concentrating so much, in fact, that as I approached mile 3, I heard some heavy feet following me. I was feeling good too, so I had a little pep in my step and was waiting for the clog-hopper to pass me. When they finally did, I looked over and it was Mi-Mi! It was so fucking cute! In her pants and shirt, running alongside me as though she does it all the time. She told me that they were coming from the tunnel and looked right at me and I didn't see them. So she chased after me. She did great running like that, although i wasn't like I was doing an 8 mn pace.

It was a great run - no issues with the hills. My tummy felt odd but not enough to keep me from getting over five miles in.


  1. Cindy, I love reading your book reviews. In most cases they make me want to read the book.

  2. thanks jim.

    The problem i have with my book reviews is that they never come out the way i think about them in my head. I think about them while reading, afterwards, etc. and then what I write is usually missing all the points I meant to put down. So, with the last one, I'm like "doh! i wanted to mention this!...i wanted to mention that!"