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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Domain

Not mine. But my cat's.

That's what I think of when I see him anywhere in my house. He sits or lies stately, as if we, the humans, are his minions. We probably are.

Shortly after we go Sunkist, Tim and the girls made a play structure for him. It sat in the main (TV) room with us, which at the time, was upstairs. Since then, we moved into one room downstairs, then into another. But once we were downstairs, Sunkist rarely went upstairs to play in the structure.

Or if he did, we never saw him do it.

Since the one room we were in is bare, we decided to bring down his play structure and set it near a window, so he could make those weird meow sounds at the squirrels and birds that frequent our yard.

Now we see him use it often. He just perches right up there and stares out the window.

Sunkist's Domain:

Sunkist staring at playthings from his plaything:

Even personalized:

This is the other side of the structure, where there are steps to get down:

What he looks like in it:

Coming down the stairs...I just love how his paws look in this picture:

He demonstrates the plethora of play things on his structure:

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