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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Lost and Found

This weekend was busy cleaning up.

Mi-Mi was sick last Thursday evening.  So sick that, well, let's just say, we had to close off the room until more time could be spent on it.  That's where the weekend came into play.

I decided that it was time to make it "her" room.  CJ moved out of it last year and made her room her own.  It was now Mi-Mi's chance.

I had a plan: hit Bed, Bath and Beyond, then the Dollar Store, then Ross, Lowe's and Target.  I knew I had items to pick up in each one of these places.

Bed, Bath and Beyond was first.  We roamed around, took our time looking at stuff...picked up a few things.  Then we headed to the dollar store, where I stocked up on gym locker supplies.

We get in the car to head to Ross when Mi-Mi says, "Um, where's my wallet?"

Um...why are you asking me?  This is a Mi-Mi thing: ask someone else where something is when she forgets.

I asked her if she brought it into the dollar store.  She says "I think I had it at Bed, Bath and Beyond".

Great.  Let's go back to the store and look for the wallet.

I ask the people at the front area if anyone has turned in a pink wallet.  No they say.  Of course not, I think.  People are shitty.  They would take a wallet with $10 measly dollars inside rather than turn it in.

CJ takes off to look on her own; Mi-Mi, in the meantime, is wandering semi-aimlessly:  she is retracing her steps, but that's it.  I ask her to _think_ about where she might have laid it vs. just walking the same walk she did before.  Pick moments in time that she stopped and looked at something: perhaps you put it down then?

But noooooooo...we walk around with no plan of action.

So I'm a little irritated, to say the least.  We leave the store.  I tell her 'wallet's gone; money's gone...I'm not replacing it and I'm withholding allowance for at least a week!'

We make it to Ross, where I pick up most of her bedroom items.  I am stern with my tone.  Mi-Mi is now over it and is happy-go-lucky.

We fly over to Lowe's to grab hotdogs for lunch, then I turn around and drive across the city to drop CJ off at a party-sleepover.  I'm still giving Mi-Mi the cold shoulder.

I drive BACK to the original Lowe's area...hit Target to pick up the rest of the bedroom items...then finally Lowe's for the Rug Doctor rental.  This being the most critical piece of revamping the room.

I am exhausted.  And I'm still frayed with the idea that her wallet is gone.  We get home.  And guess what?  Lost wallet is sitting in the middle of the floor in the living room.  Mi-Mi is sooo happy and says to me "See, all better now!"

As for the room, "all better now":

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