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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Forgot My Camera

Of all things, the one thing I wanted to do last night was take pictures.

No. Not *those* kind of pictures.

But pictures of "us" celebrating $Bill's birthday.

And it's the one thing I forgot.

I brought my gloves, my hat, ID, money, phone even! But no camera. So I have to rely on my memory.

First, it was all $Bill's idea: a week ago, he sent his Leanest Loser crew (of which I am a part of) an email inviting us to join him Monday (yesterday) for a 4.2 mile run to celebrate his 42nd birthday. He would buy each one of us a beer for doing so. Our friend Ken replied with the best reply ever "You had me at beer."

And what do you know? Eight of the ten of us (including $Bill) *and* our team lead (plus her husband!) showed up to do this.

And so did Tim. :)

And Coach B.

Wow. Other people besides me feel sorry for Bill...;) (I know he's reading this...)

And let me tell you, what a run it was! I had a blast. Not only chatting away at everyone that I could find but running through my favorite city, at dusk then night. It was amazing to see Raleigh this way.

I met a new friend, Greg. He had shown up to run with a 6:30 crew from the bar that we met to start the run. He ended up running with us and I chatted with him for most of the run.

When we finished, we all gave each other the cheesy high fives that feel oh-so-good to do. Then we had our beers!! And true to his word, $Bill got each and every one of us a well-deserved brewski. I don't know how his birthday went for $Bill, but for me, it was the best $Bill birthday I ever had. :)


  1. I definitely went cuz I felt bad for him ;)

  2. I actually brought my iphone with plans to take pictures along the way but was having so much fun I completely forgot. Thanks for coming out and feeling sorry for me, I'll be happy to repay on your 42nd