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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Run

No, this wasn't a race.  This was my long run day.  "Long" being a term that doesn't really apply *but* I got some mileage in *and* this is my usual run pattern: three days a week.  

Ahem.  Actually, I was a four day a week runner but I am still taking it easy but dropping one day (besides the mileage).  Plus, with the Leanest Loser *and* my wallyball season starting, I just can't fit in another day.  I mean, I could, but really?  Do I have to be that fanatical about it?  No.

BTW, that is really how my brain talks to itself.

I thought I'd do a run around the Lake...nothing amazing or dramatic.  But I knew Tim could get a run in today so I asked if he'd like to join me.  And while the day continued before my planned run, I had a great idea to have us run to the local Walgreens so I could pick up some pictures I had ordered.  Knock two birds with one stone!
According to google maps, the Walgreens would be two miles away, so a nice four mile run for us.  Tim thought it would be too much for him.  I don't know why since he's one of the most cockiest people I've ever known...but whatever. was a nasty run: nothing but up going to the store.  Ugh.  Luckily, I was OK going TO walgreens.  Crossing Glenwood, however, is tricky.  I have done this twice before (two runs from my house to Umstead a few years ago) but I don't much care for it.  There is no cross walk for about eight lanes of BUSY traffic.  I recall at least two fatalities in the past for pedestrians.

But we lived to tell the tale.

Got my photos and then we were off to go DOWN HILLS on the way back to the hacienda.  Only by this time, I was a little bit out of steam.  My breathing was heavily labored, my stride was off.  I was just not feeling such joy. 

I was thankful when we finally rounded the corner to the house, because 1) it's downhill and 2) the house was not on fire (we had left CJ home to babysit Mi-Mi).

And as usual for me and most runners, once done with the run, you find satisfaction and think "I did that". 

And today, "I did that" with my sweetheart on Valentine's Day. :)

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