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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Slowly but Surely

I am getting back into my running routine, albeit slowly. This week will be the first week that I will run at least twice. I am being premature, but my hope is to put my long run in tomorrow. I'll be gearing up for my Run for the Oaks 5K on March 13th.

I've also been eyeing a half marathon to do at the end of Spring. That's when I know I am getting back into my routine, once I start eyeing other races to partake in. We'll see...

But the foot is feeling, well, GREAT! I have no pain. But I have altered the way I wear shoes now. I have rarely worn heels to work. I probably will make sure that on the days that I do run, I will *not* wear heels.

But I am also looking at how I will purchase new running shoes. I have just donated my old shoes to those recycle programs. But I am amidst reading Born to Run and buying into the barefoot running philosophy. No, I am not ready to run barefoot...but I am ready to consider thin-soled shoes...which could have included the shoes that I had just thrown out!

But I am thankful that I am back in the game. I had to stay home Thursday, since Mi-Mi was ailing from a tummy bug. So I didn't want to leave her home alone and didn't make my usual Thursday run. I had nothing planned for Friday so I got my run in then...after debating with myself for a good 15 minutes about whether I should run or not. Getting out of the habit of a common routine can do that to me...but thankfully, the runner girl went for it and I got it in.

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