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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peter and Vandy

Tim had a date planned with CJ today, to watch Valentine's Day. She wants to see it; I don't. I almost gave in to watching the POS with more overpaid Hollywood stars than I ever want to see in one movie but Mi-Mi is not quite fully recovered from her tummy while out and about, we decided it was best for me and Mi-Mi to go home and watch movies here while they enjoyed their date. In fact, had we all gone to the movies, if there wasn't anything else to watch, Mi-Mi and I would have sat separately from Tim and CJ.

It worked out for the best...for me. I hate the premise of that movie. Commercialism. Hollywoodism. Cheesyism. Valentineism.

Mi-Mi decided she wanted to see Jaws. Hey, whatever. It's her choice. We got about a third of the way into it when she conked out. This is day four of a tummy bug that started on one end and is, well, you get the picture. She's tired. Her body is tired.

I didn't want to continue to watch Jaws but being close to valentine's, I did think a romantic movie would be fun to watch. I don't know how I happened on it, but I found Peter and Vandy on Netflix (streaming).

These types of movies are the best: surprises. This was sooooo good and very sweet. And best of all? Two people you may never heard of: Jason Ritter and Jess Weixler. PERFECT.

Actually, Jason Ritter happens to be the son of the late John Ritter. He was on short-lived but very funny sitcom called The Class. As Peter (in this movie), he looked almost exactly like Ethan Hawke from Reality Bites.

The movie focuses on Peter and Vandy: a romantic couple. It goes in and out of time, so eventually you figure out the time, but it's a bit of a mystery trying to figure out where things end up at. But it works.

The in-and-out of time goes from the day they met, to their lives together. It's extremely sweet. And at one point, heartbreaking. The key to this movie, IMO, is how well the viewer understands each character. To get to know their character and to feel the emotion behind their relationship, is pretty amazing to do within 80 minutes.

If you are like me and like to watch GREAT MOVIES by people who don't make 6+ figures for shitty movies...people who care about a story instead of "can I sell a zillion tickets with a lame plot?"...then Peter and Vandy is the one for you.

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