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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brenna and Sunkist: Home Alone

Thursday evening we went out for a book fair at Barnes & Noble, then to the RBC Center for the yearly circus event.

In the mad dash to get out of the house, one of us - or all of us - forgot to put Brenna into the crate.

I mentioned before:  Brenna was OK being loose in the house on her own.  But once Sunkist the cat joined the family, Brenna became his henchman.  It's as if, once we got, the cat starts with "Hey, dumb ass!  Over here!  Look...CHOCOLATE!  CHOCOLATE is GREAT for dogs!"

This, and similar antics from the cat, has caused much damage and food to "disappear" while we are gone.

So when we came home from the circus and heard Brenna barking excitedly for us, from an area that she shouldn't have been barking from, we all looked at each other in the car and said "uh-oh".

Sure enough, she greeted us at the door instead of being locked away in her crate.  This is what we saw when we came into the house:

Just to be clear: none of this was on the floor when we left.  The red tray actually had, on top of it, the green cup that is sprawled by the refrigerator, and the small terracotta bowl.  All of this was on top of the counter.

The small yellow towel was also atop a counter.  Luckily, nothing broke.

And that is Sunkist playing like "Whaat?  I was asleep the whole time.  Yawn.  What's going on?"

Rounding the corner, I see a pan on the floor.  I believe this pan happened to be close to the sink, so it traveled far to make it to the floor.

Just as I enter another room, this is what I saw.  The pizza box, fortunately, was empty.  I mean, empty before the dog got to it.  The little bits of stuff around the pizza box is from a bag of Stacy's Pita Chips (which, BTW, are the BEST pita chips ever!).  Tim stated he finished the bag before we left, so the dog just managed to lick the bag into pieces.

This is the view from the room.  The Stacy's Pita Chips bag is what you see on the left least what's left of it.  And the full view of the empty pizza box, sans any cheese or anything else that ends up on the box "naturally".

We thought that was it until we went upstairs and saw one of the trashcans tipped over and sniffed.  There wasn't food in that so there was no mess, but just an obvious trail of potential destruction.

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