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Saturday, January 30, 2010

When It's Their Birthday...

Mi-Mi put these pictures together the other day and said "This is what we should do when it's their birthday".

For Sunkist the Cat:

She created balloons, which, very soon, I will post a video of Sunkist and his balloon. He LOVES balloons, so we make it a point to grab one every time we hit the grocery store. He takes the ribbon into his mouth and marches the balloon whereever he goes. It is *so* cute!

Anyway, Mi-Mi drew pictures of, from left-to-right: his water, his cat food, fish (for us), and a cake for us, that has a fake fish at the top.

For Brenna the Dog:

Again, from left-to-right: a squeak toy, hot dog weenies (for us and Brenna), her water, her dog food, and a tennis ball.

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  1. Cute! I look forward to seeing Sunkist and the balloon :)