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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Random Things to Tell

These are two FYIs that I just learned myself. You may already know this but I didn't.

1. When buying gifts, use a 'recycle' tote for your gift bag. What I mean by that are, the bags you use when you go shopping. They are selling them in nearly every store. I found that out when I was at Toys R Us last weekend and saw them for sale in very fun patterns and colors. I promptly put my gift bag away and bought that to put my gifts in. Sure, you can recycle gift bags and reuse them as your own gift bags for others...but that always felt weird *to me*...and this new way made *me* feel great (and green).

2. At my Kroger grocery store, they have Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwbacks. What does this mean? Not only does the can look like the old Pepsi logo from when I was a kid (I don't know if it's the same for Mountain Dew, since I didn't drink it at that age, but I assume it is), but it is made with real sugar. "Real sugar" may not mean much to people but it's far better than the high fructose syrup that has been used in colas for who knows how long. We can debate on whether soda is good for you or not (it _tastes_ good to me and I'll continue to drink it on occasion), but my statement comes from a good place.

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