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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spontaneous Combustion

I had no real plans for the day today.

Mi-Mi crawled into bed with me, shortly after Tim left for a day of hard work. I decided I would read, which is hard to do with Mi-Mi. She acknowledges that reading is "personal space & time" but she continues to ignore the sentiment and insists on chatting. :) So I pause and listen and chat back. It's annoyingly cute.

As I read and chat, I think about what we shall eat for breakfast. Recall that I am an full on eggs with fixing's kind of girl. I decided that I would take them out for breakfast. My first thought was to go to Brig's, which is a local place down the road. Pretty good but I decided to be adventurous and take us all somewhere new. I remembered Courtney's off of Six Forks Road, so I decided we would take a trip to it.

Breakfast was quite good. Service was good; getting seated was sub-par. The owner/worker who was there decided to chat with customers he knew...never acknowledging us. I found it very rude. After too much waiting, we were seated in the quaint place. Our waitress was awesome, which made up for the too long wait to be seated episode.

Coffee is served in the carafe; breakfast order was quick. Kids enjoyed their chocolate chip pancakes and I enjoyed my skillet dish "The King". I ate far too much. And even once full, Mi-Mi pointed out that I left my slice of cantaloupe intact. So I shoved that into my already full system. Daily fruit intake...CHECK!

I had decided I would take CJ to Old Navy, one of her favorite stores. But once in the car, I thought "hmmm...wonder if there are any consignment shops close by?" I did a quick search on my phone and found more than I expected. And since we were on the right side of town, our day of unplanned activities ignited into sheer spontaneity: addresses found on the phone while the GPS guided us to the mysterious spot.

First stop: Passage Consignment Shoppe, 1924 Wake Forest Road
Wonderfully huge with a warehouse full of clothing. And the clothing is pretty high end. I found several items I wanted but actually put back and ended up empty handed. But I would definitely return. My kids, although appreciate shopping as much as I do (CJ more so), are not as patient as I am at consignment stores. I literally will look through each piece of clothing available to me, one by one. I will have to return alone next time. CJ literally followed me as my shadow even with my prodding to go look elsewhere.

From there we ventured to Get Dressed, 600 N. West Street
This is one of my new favorite places. It is just too cool. I found three things and paid a little over $7 for all three. These were off the 75% sale but nothing like a introduction to your business by giving me a great deal. I also saw this, which was AWESOME...yes, I would wear this in a heartbeat:

It's only $450, or a more affordable way, $30 rental per day.

Next stop was Revolver @ 123 Glenwood Avenue.
This place is over my budget. The prices were high and there were no advertised sales that I had been exposed to at the two previous shops. But a very chic place, which seems apropos for the Glenwood crowd. But the best thing about this place was Rigsby, the resident poodle (?). A beautiful, LARGE, soft dog that grew an immediate attachment to Mi-Mi. Of course, Mi-Mi happened to have a dog biscuit (she was given one for her stuffed beagle, Bailey, at the previous Get Dressed shop). But it was adorable how he just followed her all over the place. And Mi-Mi is *our* residential unbelievably-natural-passion-for-animals that she gave him her undivided attention. But not the dog biscuit (I told her she had to ask them first and that just is too much for her to do). The hard part was leaving, as Rigsby stood right at the window staring at us as we departed (empty handed):

We then headed to Old Navy. Not much to say as once you've been to an Old Navy anywhere in the country, it's all the same. The great thing is that they are cheap and even better when they have a sale. I left with two big bags of clothing.

Last stop was a "new" place by the house. "Thrift Shop" at 6311 Glenwood Avenue. This one is what you would expect to see at the State Fairgrounds. Some "junk" and some clothing. I was tired of it by then and wasn't impressed with the selection. However, it was relatively cheap so I could get lucky one day and find a diamond in the rough.

We made a few more stops consisting of errands and got back home, cleaned up the house so that it would be immaculate for Tim when he got home. After all, we would all be exhausted...only one from actual labor. :)

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