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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Second Run of the New Year

My six weeks are up and I got my second run of the New Year. Same route as the first one, as well as same mileage.

Three whole miles.

And it was wonderful.

Well, the first two were great. Once I got to the 'other' side of Lake Lynn, I was feeling pretty tired.

Keep in mind, no matter what direction one starts at Lake Lynn: clockwise or counter-clockwise, the other half is up and hilly. So the hilly part got my heart rate well into the 190s when I had been trying very hard to keep it as close to 'under 180' as possible.

But I have to start somewhere and this is where I start. I plan to pick back up into three days a week before getting my Monday run back in.

It was a great day too. Well, it was overcast and cloudy but it was in the 60s. I had a burn in the pit of my stomach that I thought might have to do with hunger but it was noticeable during the run. And as I passed one of the many ducks that hang out, I rolled my left ankle (the same foot with the hopefully healed fracture) and scared the shit out of the duck. Fortunately, the duck didn't try to attack me to then scare the shit out of me. I'm always a little freaked passing wild animals during my know, those manic ducks, squirrels and deer!

But I survived. And I'll miss my Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes. They have been my savior as I wait for this old foot of mine gets its days of rest.


  1. Are you going to be running the Krispy Kreme Challenge? My sisters, dad, and I are all participating, but I for one am going to be just walking for the most part.
    It's 2 miles from a certain place on the State Campus to Krispy Kreme, eating of 12 donuts (unless you're registered as a Casual Runner like I am, in which case you eat only as many as you want to), and then another 2 miles back to the start.

  2. Hey there elfarmy17! I hadn't planned on it. It doesn't appeal to me, the whole running & eating krispy kremes! but maybe it's a way to get my two girls to run, the idea to run for donuts!! i'll keep u posted...

  3. Note: This is Olivia from writing club

  4. Yes, Olivia :) I knew that. I wasn't sure if you wanted to be anonymous or not. :)

    BTW, my kids now seem very excited about the prospect of eating donuts for the Krispy Kreme Challenge...:)

  5. Ah, okay. :)
    I'm excited too! My cousin's going to try to complete all of it, since he's really good at running, so we're hoping he'll win a prize. All he needs to do is get in the top 50.