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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Positive Attitude

I believe I am, for the most part, a 'glass half full' kind of person. But when it comes to some things, like running, I tend to fall flat and drive myself into a Catch-22 situation.

That is, if I think positive about a race, I then consider that my positive thinking will backfire and something that I never anticipated, usually in the 'all things go wrong' category, will arise. So it's best to just think negatively, then I won't be _that_ disappointed. But if I think negatively, then I will not achieve my intended goal because I have a bad attitude.

Yes. I am really fucked up in the head.

So one of my goals for running in 2010 is to work on positive attitudes.

I typically like to write out my goals and when it comes time to attempt at those goals, I balk. "I'm not ready". "I can't do this". But as the past year in review shows, I did make most of my goals. And for me, these were aggressive goals because I'm such a negative goal runner.

My ego tends to precariously balance on the "i can't do it" attitude. It took me years, a cocky husband, and, of all things, running and wallyball to make me a more confident person in other aspects of my life. Funny that I am still iffy with the running but I guess I can't get rid of all my neuroses.

In a second blog post introducing another blog, I hereby add Elf's blog to the list to read in 2010. I've read her posts randomly over the years, after $Bill introduced me to her blog. She is a triathlete primarily, but has been coaching for the past year or so. The great things about her blog: she is an amazing writer. She actually can write inspirational pieces, then turns around and bitches about something, or complains about her own personal issues. So the other great thing about her blog is she "feels" human to me. She is just like me (only more superior ;).

But I can feel her emotion through her words and that is what I love about her blog. And why her blog will be one of my tools to work on my Positive Attitude goal in 2010.

One I tend to read over and over is this one, Overcoming Doubt. One of her best posts I've read, and she has many great posts.

There are a few I would love to share but it seems I cannot search the archives. Perhaps $Bill will remember some of these, but until I can figure out how to search and find them, I am lost at sea.

One of them is when she is rooting her husband on in a race, perhaps one of his ironmans? And he tells her he is done and she is yelling at him that he's not. I loved this one; easily relate-able for me but with less mileage.

Another one that I enjoyed was the guest blog by her husband. They are all really, really good. I'll have to read some of the old ones on my hum-drum days...


  1. Here is the one from Kona where she is yelling at her husband, just read it again and got some chills...

    the other one was called husbandblog, a very funny read.

  2. I knew you'd come to the rescue Bill! I don't know why I can't search her archives...I think it's a blogger thing. These are great!!