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Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Bests of 2009

Here is my 'Best of' list for 2009...

Favorite Movie: Let The Right One In
This is a Swedish movie about vampires. And it's not anything like Twilight. It's GOOD. It's AMAZING. It's even POETIC. And sadly, a remake of this movie for AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO CAN'T APPRECIATE A FOREIGN FILM NOIR THE DARK AIR THAT SURROUNDS MOST FOREIGN FILMS will be made FOR LAZY PEOPLE. I predict that this movie will be light with a happy ending, as TYPICAL AS ALL FUCKED UP AMERICAN MOVIES ARE.

This movie is based on a novel that edges very much on pedophilia. Do you think Americans will want this in a movie? And although the novel (which I have not read but read _about_) is blatant about this aspect of the father figure in the movie, the movie does not. It is left open to interpretation and my interpretation is this...WARNING: If you want to see this incredible movie and don't want me to ruin your ignorance of the plot, STOP READING:
Eli is forever a 12 year old. Her 'father' is, in fact, not her father but is in love with her and has cared for her...when she finds Oskar, also a 12 year old boy, they fall for each other and she finds another person to care for her. Oskar will care for Eli, for all his life because, he will grow old and she will not. So at some point, Oskar will be an older man and Eli will still be 12.

So, I seriously doubt an American movie will explore this side of dark tale. I am open to eating these words. But I love this movie. And sometimes I think I may want to read the novel, but I'm not sure I want to ruin the meaning that I got from the movie.

Best Novel: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
This was such a surprise for me. I was going through my book list from the library and just picking things off. I had no idea how this one would sweep me off my feet. In fact, I actually felt vaclempt about turning this book back into the library. I just loved looking at the book because it was so wonderful for me to read.

The characters are rich and quirky. The plot is is also unusual: a woman lives out in a woman's closet. Books relating to what is happening in another woman's life appear out of nowhere. The sense of someone of coming around before they actually appear. It's full of magical, supernatural nuances that it is so enchanting. I read her other novel, Garden Spells - just as quirky and mystical...loved it! And she has another coming in the Spring that I am eagerly awaiting.

Best Dining: Lilly's Pizza
I didn't blog about this and we didn't eat at the restaurant. I would have liked to but I can't remember why we didn't. What I do remember is eating the first slice at home and having my toes curl. YUM YUM! Tim and I hadn't had Lilly's in AGES so it was a welcome to have it again.

One memory of Lilly's was eating there the weeks after Hurricane Fran hit. We were without power (for 10 days) in the hot and humidity of September days. We took respite at Lilly's, enjoying the great outdoors...when rain decides to come through. We wrap it up, get into the car and get back home...not realizing...until we got home...that our windows were left open and now we had rain remnants within the house. We were just pissed...pissed at the world. But my memory of being at Lilly's was grand...

Best Race: Anna's Angels 10 Miler
It wasn't a race that I PR'd in, but it was a race that I ran strong in...well, up until the last mile but that wasn't enough to ruin the fact that this was my favorite. Why was it my favorite? Because it was challenging. And because I ran 95% of it with my BFF $Bill. Of course, like childbirth, my memory of it is much less painful than the reality of it...but I felt like we ran so strong in this race and we were running at the same "beat". He PR'd, which made me very proud. I was close to my PR time, which made me happy and that the PR in my first race was no fluke. I can really run a good pace for 10 miles.

Favorite Band: Muse
Although I started listening to Muse in late 2008, we, as a family, became big fans in 2009. Amazing band, amazing music, amazing lyrics. Some of our favorite songs:
Time is Running Out
Solider's Poem
Knights of Cydonia
Supermassive Black Hole

That's all I can think of for now. I can't pick a favorite TV Show. That would be impossible. I'd have to devote a blog or two on all the shows I watch. It's incredible the amount of TV I love to watch...

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