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Thursday, January 14, 2010

La Farm Bakery

I am *so* happy to have found a lovely local place that I can wax poetic about...even though it is in Cary. I have one other favorite Cary place, The Cary Cafe.

How did I get such exposure to this fine, wonderful place?

Well, several years ago, I was introduced to La Farm's delectable breads through my work place. We have many wonderful benefits but one of those decadent "benes" was that La Farm came out to our company once a week with their breads and granolas for purchase...get this...via PAYROLL DEDUCTION!

And that was when I first had their white chocolate mini baguette. This thing is so fucking amazing. I kid you not. I almost spent my entire paycheck on weekly purchases of numerous baguettes, among other things.

That spoiled-employee perk left after awhile and I pretty much let La Farm go off my list. It's in Cary, after all, and nowhere along my common path to work, home, running routes, etc.

But last year, fed up with my corporate bank, I found a true local bank to support. It happens to be located right by La Farm! I made it to La Farm one lovely day, after opening my new account and having the ladies of this bank tell me "oh, you must go there for lunch". I did and owe those ladies every bit of gratitude for re-introducing me to this place.

My favorite items off their menu actually come from their "Tartines, Galettes, and Quiche" section of their cafe menu. My first order was the Roasted Tomato Galette. Incredible! A simple, but exotic puff pastry with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and creme fraiche. I have no idea what life is like in Paris, but I felt like I had the epicurean experience of a Frenchman.

My second experience: Croque Monsier: bread with ham, gruyere and a Mornay sauce. Another magnificent occurrence for my palate. And with this lunch, I had my white chocolate mini baguette join the fun. YUMMMM!

The last two experiences happened this week. This time, I snookered Tim into joining me there for lunch. We both had sandwiches that were so good. My sandwich happened to be a simple ham and cheese (gruyere) sandwich that had me toe tapping with pleasure. We bought a loaf of their baguette and went home and made our own genoa salami and gruyere cheese sandwiches.

Unfortunately, that visit had NO white chocolate baguettes :(.

But I had to make another visit to the bank and decided I would have lunch there...since I was in the area! Take advantage of the opportunity of being in the same "town".

This time, I got the Poulet Tartine, which is chicken layered on spinach, brie, harvati and green applies. Oh. My. God. If I could pick the best of the best, this would be it. And that's only because I just had it. I probably would order something else and would claim that to be the best of the best.

Prices are so reasonable. Nothing at all outrageous.

Service is fine. They could work on the usability of how to place an order but that's a minor complaint from someone that ruminates on such things.

Oh, and this time, those mini baguettes were available and I did all I could to prevent myself from buying them all.

This is now my new favorite place.


  1. I'm with you on that Poulet Tartine - fantastic! I love that place too. They do the cutest birthday parties too... check out Elise's 7th b-day party there:

  2. I remember the white chocolate baguette! To die for! I have never had lunch there, but you make a convincing case. I'll have to try it.