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Friday, January 01, 2010

I Heart Raleigh

It's no secret how much I love Raleigh.

Or maybe it is...

But I have lived in North Carolina nearly my entire adult life. Tim and I moved to Goldsboro in 1989. Tim was in the military; I was a recent military-brat-transformed-to-military-brat/wife. :)

From Goldsboro, we frequented Crabtree Valley Mall. We even visited car dealerships, looking at the massive car lots off Capital Blvd. Back then, there was nothing but car lots where the Olive Garden exists.

In 1992, we bought our first house in Greenville, NC. I had commuted from Goldsboro to Greenville for about a year while attending ECU; Tim took his turn and commuted from Greenville to Goldsboro after our purchase.

Again, from Greenville, we came to Raleigh more often. We stayed at the Holiday Inn off Capital Blvd. to hang out in Raleigh. We also stayed at The Velvet Cloak Inn on Hillsborough Street.

One of my favorite memories of visiting Raleigh was coming out to watch Il Postino at one of the thin, deep theaters on Hillsborough Street (Studio I and II?). The movie had me gasping for air for all the tears I cried (one of my all-time favorite flix). Afterward, we went to Giorgio's, which was a Mediterranean place off Six Forks. The magic of this atmosphere, with the magic of the movie, and the whole evening, kept me in tears all night. It was a wonderful evening that I won't soon forget.

So when I had a job opportunity in RTP, I was pretty excited. And when house-hunting came into play, there was no doubt I was having a postal address within the city of Raleigh.

We ended up buying in the boonies off what is now the 'new' North Raleigh. We had nothing around us but crickets and deer. It was so quiet it was eerie. I had grown up listening to airplanes reving and taking off all night long, then traffic by our little ole house in Greenville...I didn't know what to do with all that silence.

But I survived. And through the years, watched as the swamp turned into Triangle Town Center; the forest turned into I540. The crickets turned into traffic noise and then some.

Tim and I decided silence wasn't golden and looked to move closer to the action. We moved closer to the city scene...still keeping that "Raleigh" address.

All of this to introduce a blog I love following, Goodnight, Raleigh. I have learned so much of the history of Raleigh, as well as what the future is gearing up to be, through these pictures.

A couple of favorites I enjoyed, The Hidden Grave in Downtown Raleigh and this one I recently read from its Raleigh in Review article.

A great blog to read. One I wish I would have thought of doing...

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