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Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Run of the New Year

I did it.

I got my run in since I took a break to heal my left foot. The last run I did was December 8th. It feels like a century ago.

For the past two weeks, I've noticed people through my window, running by the house. I was a little envious. But when Tim commented the other day about seeing so many people "suddenly" running (implying those New Year resolutions we love to make), I was very jealous that I wasn't out there running.

I would have run sooner. My foot felt great and I thought that I would attempt a 2-3 mile jaunt around the lake. But I noticed that my foot was starting to hurt again and I became bummed.

But I was ready to start and I knew I would do it today, my designated long run day.

I wasn't sure how I'd fare. My thought was that I would be in such bad shape that I wouldn't be able to run for very long. But instead, I surprised myself and ran three miles non-stop.

And it felt great. The foot was fine during the run, but was sore on the walk _to_ the run.

I ran with two pairs of socks on to keep it pretty 'contained'. Since I will NOT wear my old Asics (that I think is also responsible for the deterioration of my foot), all I have left are little-used trail shoes that I have. Well, two pairs of socks on my big feet made for a tight fit in those shoes. I thought it would be too uncomfortable but then again, it might have helped by keeping my foot more immobile.

Last night I had a dream that I had run three miles with my coach and I was going up for another three mile run. I had such a great sense of relief of having done three miles already that my next three miles was less intimidating.

Based on that dream, my goal today was to get to three miles. Well, it became my goal after I figured out that I was getting two miles in EASILY. And in the end, I had a huge sense of relief that I did it. And I was glad that I made my dream come true.

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