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Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Race in my 2010 Race Calendar!

I am still recovering from the second metatarsal stress fracture on my left foot. Say that 10 times.

I ran once this year but became freaked out at any twinge of pain that I decided to give it six weeks.

I mentioned this to my primary doc and she agreed to wait it out the full six weeks. If it starts to feel painful again, then it's another trip to the ortho doc for a possible MRI.

I truly hope it doesn't come to that. I hope it's me being overly cautious and paranoid that makes me so conservative about this foot. I have not ever broken a bone in my body in my life!

Well, at least, not that I know of. I jammed my toes several times over the course of my life that made me wonder if I did. And at one of those jammed toe times, I remember hearing about a friend's family member getting gangrene because he broke a toe and never had it fixed and then eventually lost his foot, then his leg. *That's* why I can remember that I may have broken a toe at some point in my life. I thought I was going to lose my leg.

I have altered my plans for the new year slightly. I thought I would be doing a half by March, looking at the Roanoke Canal Half but along with my new found conservatism (only in my running, thankyouverymuch), I decided to run an old favorite of mine, Run for the Oaks 5K.

Run for the Oaks will be on March 13th, the same day as the Roanoke Canal I am definitely not doing that one. I have not ruled out a longer mile race but I certainly won't sign up for one until I am actively and routinely running.

But Run for the Oaks should be fun. I believe it will be my first race of the year as we are encroaching on February now...only if I feel ready to run something before Run for the Oaks will I consider another one, but for now, I'll shoot for the stars with that race.

I've run this race more times than I can remember. But amazing to see that I have been blogging for some time now that I have at least three race reports on this race!

The first in 2007. I can't help but add this post because I always remember this oddity when Run for the Oaks comes around.

Here is 2008's post and 2009. I truly hope I can post another one for this year.


  1. I tried to subscribe to your blog, but the "most recent post" is from last April and my Google Reader doens't update whenever you post...Any idea why this is?

  2. Is this still happening? It should be showing my latest feed (I use google reader too and it works on my end).

    Do you have the Sort set to "by newest"?

    Also, you can try selecting, by the Show label, "All items" instead of New and see if all of them show up.

    Let me know if any of that works and if not, I'll follow-up with some other tips.