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Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Do You Adore?

I came across this article via Twitter. I have heard similar sentiments when Michael Jordan was "our" sports hero.

I was a Tiger Woods fan but not for his golf playing ability.

Seriously. Can't anyone be a good golfer? Can we really say golf is a sport? How many times have you heard of people getting injured during golf, except some out of shape, polo-shirt wearing doofus pulling a muscle during a swing? Or perhaps getting hit by the golf ball or something like that? Golf-elbow? Golfer's knee? Anyone heard of that? I didn't think so.

I wrote a pretty hilarious commentary in one of my college creative writing classes about golf. My dad loves watching golf and I did a very sarcastic paper on it, as I was just SICK of watching it (and yes, I have played it a handful of times). I still remember writing it, sitting around my peers at a table, and we all laughed with tears as the words flowed from my hand to the paper. I wish I still had that piece...I was a pretty funny MFer back then.

Anyway, the reason I liked Tiger was because he came from a mixed race background...just like me. My childhood is filled with growing up with similar folks: black-and-filipino, black-and-thai (like Tiger), white-and-filipino, white-and-korean. This was the norm. And back in my days, it was hard to fill out forms that asked what nationality you were: Black, White, Other. I always picked Other.

And I went back and forth on what nationality I was "loyal" to: proud to be Filipino was pretty much my dominant side but so much so that I could become anti-White (I always root for the underdog).

I remember a lot of the flack that Tiger got came because he wouldn't embrace his black heritage. I really felt I understood this dilemma and it wasn't because he was dissing his black background, but being faithful to his mom's heritage. At least that's the story I made up in my head.

But when I read about the spat he and his wife had, I could care less about the situation with a mistress (now mistresses). What bothered me most was the fact that he crashed an Escalade, outside of his multi-million dollar mansion, but was going to retreat to his private yacht in Fort Lauderdale.

But not to worry, he had a spare Escalade at his mansion, along with a Porsche. And lest we not forget that he pimps ads for Tag Heur?

That superficial, pompous, materialistic crap is what is disenchanting. But I thought this guy outlined a good opinion about Tiger that "we" should apply anytime "we" decide to put someone up on a pedestal:

Tiger Woods: Worse than Tony Soprano

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