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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Smelly Kat

Saturday was a 14 mile run for me. The longest I have ever done. It wasn't easy.

$Bill met me for most of his seven mile run. My left foot was aggravating me but once warmed up (but not really warm, because it was COLD), I forgot about it being a problem. As usual, we had great topics to chat about while our feet pounded the ground, mile after mile.

Bill and I parted ways at his six miles and I ran back into Umstead...after leaving him to finish on Black Creek greenway. It was a busy Umstead day: lots of runners, walkers and bikers. I like that. :)

As I tried to ignore the fact that I had about eight more miles to go, I noticed movement - peripherally - out of the corner of my left side. I decided to look over, assuming it was someone taking a potty break in the woods. But no, it was a guy, standing right by a tree close to the trail. He smiled at me and I smiled back. His smile, to me, was strange. And once I passed him, I understood why.

I passed and smelled COLOGNE. A LOT OF IT. And if you don't know about the Umstead fire trails, they have a pretty wide berth. So his cologne managed to span the area of the woods he stood in, then the span of the trail, up to my nose, and probably pass me to my right.

WTF? Who wears cologne on a run? And not just wear it, but THAT MUCH? Seriously, I've smelled women drenched in perfume but rarely, if ever, do I smell it on a man.

And that's why his smile was strange. He was smiling at me like "hey baby. You know you like me."


I forgot about cologne man after a bit. I made my run into Umstead stop at the top of Cemetery Hill. My legs were not cooperating and the thought of running up that hill was not good: it wouldn't happen. No way was I running up a hill. I COULDN'T run up a hill.

So I turned around and headed back, knowing that to reach 14 miles, I would have to run to the end of Black Creek and Dynasty, then head back to where I started. I'm really unhappy about that decision but less hills and I would have to find the motivation to get my 14 in. Thinking about $Bill doing his 14 the week before was my motivation: he did it so I should be able to too.

While I ruminate the miles in my head, I see a runner approaching me. The only reason why I notice him is because he has nothing on but shorts. It's not brrrr-cold for me right now because I have been running approximately nine miles, but it ain't that warm either. I just passed an elite runner I see often and he was in shorts and shirt. Who is this guy, boldly running with barely anything on???

I raise my hand to him, my runner's "hello" since I can't really talk anymore. I get no response back. But I know who he is after we pass: he's mr. cologne man because that's all I can smell.


  1. Ick. I'm betting he was up to no good.

  2. That would have wierded me out. I have weird thoughts go through my head at times like that where i feel an odd vibe from someone while i'm running. I think "i'm a runner and i can outrun him!" but then i also think "but i'm tired and i've been running so long!"